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Live Green This Summer With a Solar-Powered Barbecue Grill


Summer Grilling Calls for 100 Percent Solar-Powered BBQ

Summertime means grilling time, and these days that no longer means dealing with pesky propane tanks or charcoal. Solar cookers allow BBQ fans to grill their summertime favorites with 100 percent solar power. Fuel-free and producing no emissions, solar BBQ cookers provide a clean alternative to traditional grilling that yields the same tasty results. We at Think Energy would love to share details about some of these top solar grills as well as some new solar products coming your way.

With a solar stove already under its belt, the company GoSun took to Kickstarter to announce the launch of its GoSun Grill in 2015. The announcement stated that this solar-powered grill would use only the sun’s heat to cook a meal for eight. In addition, the GoSun solar grill would have a phase change material (PCM) thermal battery that stores the sun’s heat to cook at times the sun is not out, such as nighttime or overly cloudy conditions.

Flash forward to 2017 and the GoSun Grill is a reality. Although the grill does indeed cook a meal for eight via 100 percent solar power, it does not yet have the ability to store the sun’s heat for later use. Due to complications while further testing the thermal battery, its production was canceled. Even though this GoSun solar cooker currently cannot grill without the sun, a small electric heating element for backup heating is in the works and projected to be released this year. Despite the minor hiccups, GoSun’s solar grill provides its buyers with a clean, fuel-free way to cook a variety of family favorites.

Similar to GoSun, One Earth Designs specializes in solar cookers and solar cooking accessories. Its SolSource Solar Cooker is 100 percent solar powered, requires direct sunlight to operate and actually heats up five times faster than your typical charcoal grill. Another exciting feature of this solar cooker is its versatile and reversible pot stand, allowing its operators to use a wide variety of cookware and cooking styles. For example, thanks to the SolSource Grill Pan, the solar cooker can easily transform into a crowd-favorite solar BBQ grill.

Aiming to go beyond its solar barbecue grill, SolSource now has a Kickstarter for its portable SolSource Sport that the company says is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and families on-the-go. This model is built similarly to the original SolSource Solar Cooker, but instead is much smaller, weighing in at only 10 pounds and fitting into a 2-foot carrying case. Just like the original cooker, the Sport is 100 percent solar powered, can be converted into a solar-powered BBQ grill thanks to a simple grilling pan and heats up five times faster than charcoal. It actually reaches cooking temperatures in seconds and only takes 10 minutes to cook a meal. The SolSource Sport has more solar power per square foot than any other device, is made of 100 percent recyclable materials and provides a great, clean solution for any small grilling space.

With so many great solar grills already on the market and a promising future full of even more improvements to come, our solar-powered barbecue game is on fire. This summer, consider grilling out with a user-friendly and eco-friendly solar-powered grill, rather than dealing with the hassle of propane or charcoal.

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