Smart House Is Finally More Than Just a Movie

Think Energy discusses the evolution of the Smart House and today’s home automation technology.

If you can reach back in time and recall 1999, you may be able to remember the popular Disney Channel Original Movie, Smart House. This movie introduced the idea of a futuristic home with features that were extremely advanced and complicated.1 Now, in 2016, smart homes are becoming a reality! Today, the term “smart home” refers to a home equipped with devices that work automatically or that can be controlled by residents from home as well as remotely.2

Here at Think Energy, we are a part of ENGIE, a global energy player and an expert operator in the three businesses of electricity, natural gas and energy services.3 ENGIE’s connected house project, Beliv’, is testing its smart home technology at full scale with the goal of developing the best home automation system.4

ENGIE created the Beliv’ home with a comprehensive panel of smart home systems, allowing the home to provide quality comfort, significant energy savings and high levels of security. To control energy consumption, this house takes proactive steps such as adjusting the temperature depending on the presence of residents and turning off lights as people walk out of a room. Settings such as temperature can also be controlled via a homeowner’s smartphone, making saving energy easy even when you’re not at home. This intelligent home not only controls energy consumption, but also generates and stores its own renewable energy, allowing the homeowners to sell the energy they do not use! In addition to the programming of electrical appliances, this smart home takes care of appliance maintenance needs, leaving residents at ease.5

Additionally, these smart home products even look after your health and well-being. A series of smart home systems enable people who are vulnerable to health issues to live at home with greater safety due to features that check on their health. The smart house is also able to protect itself against intruders and fire, with its smoke detectors and window and door sensors. All of these features leave smart home residents with a greater peace of mind about their homes and safety.6

These smart homes may still seem like something of the distant future, but they are very much part of our present world. While technology is moving fast, ENGIE is quickly developing the very best technology for home automation and putting it to the test for its customers. Welcome to the future of energy and energy savings.





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