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Small Home Improvement Projects That Could Lead to Big Energy Savings

Posted on: Jul 29 2016

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your heating and cooling system, or buying the latest and greatest, top-of-the-line ENERGY STAR appliance.

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How to Estimate Your Monthly Electricity Consumption

Posted on: Jul 28 2016

Almost everyone gets their monthly electric bill and wonders how in the world they used that much electricity.

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Gas Appliances Vs. Electric Appliances: Which Are Better for Your Energy Bills?

Posted on: Jul 22 2016

We all know that buying energy-efficient appliances, particularly those with an ENERGY STAR label, can go a long way toward shaving dollars off your monthly energy bills.

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New England Energy Buyers:

Posted on: Jul 15 2016

Key Considerations When Shopping for Electricity Plans in Light of Rising Rates

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How Much Energy Do We Use Daily?

Posted on: Jul 14 2016

We tend to be creatures of habit. Most of us have daily routines that barely change — and that’s OK!

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6 Easy Ways to Improve Water Efficiency While Reducing Energy Consumption

Posted on: Jul 13 2016

After lighting and cooling, water heating and consumption can be your home’s largest energy-related expense.

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Fireworks Safety to Practice This Fourth of July

Posted on: Jul 01 2016

Think Energy offers firework safety tips so you and your family can have a safe Independence Day.

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Power to You: Improve Your Energy – and Your Brain – By Eating Less Sugar

Posted on: Jun 30 2016

Power to You is a series by the team of bloggers at Think Energy focused on health and wellness topics designed to bring you more energy.

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Your Summer Vacation Plans May Be Heating Up – But Your Energy Bill Doesn’t Have To

Posted on: Jun 24 2016

5 Tips for Reducing Energy Usage and Costs While You’re Away

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Smart House Is Finally More Than Just a Movie

Posted on: Jun 24 2016

Think Energy discusses the evolution of the Smart House and today’s home automation technology.

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