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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Electricity

Posted on: Mar 21 2017

If you step back and really think about it, electricity is crazy.

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New Technologies Are Changing the Energy Game

Posted on: Mar 15 2017

The energy sector has continued to improve, especially in areas of clean and renewable energy.

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How Intellectual Property Rights Affect Energy Technology

Posted on: Mar 08 2017

The energy sector is developing technologies in all different areas – petroleum technology, oil and gas technology, green technology – you name it.

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How to Cook and Eat Sustainably

Posted on: Mar 06 2017

Although people don’t always pair up food and sustainability, together they create a beautiful thing.

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U.S. Power Grid Vulnerabilities Spark Concerns About Hacking

Posted on: Mar 01 2017

Due to a recent discovery of suspicious internet activity at a utility company, concerns have risen that our nation’s power grid could be hacked.

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Arizona Proposes Clean Peak Standard

Posted on: Feb 21 2017

Arizona is looking to make some big moves toward utilizing clean energy.

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Solar May Overcome Coal as the World’s Cheapest Energy Source

Posted on: Feb 13 2017

Solar power will soon be cheaper to produce than coal power, meaning a worldwide shift to renewable energy could be approaching. Think Energy has the story.

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Indian Chemical Plant Converts CO2 Emissions Into Baking Soda

Posted on: Jan 31 2017

Carbon emissions are being converted directly into baking soda for the first time at a plant in India. Think Energy has the full story.

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All About OPEC

Posted on: Jan 23 2017

What is OPEC? How does OPEC impact the prices American consumers pay for oil and utilities? Think Energy answers these questions and more.

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Unexpected Discovery Has Potential to Address Greenhouse Gas Problem

Posted on: Jan 16 2017

With global temperatures skyrocketing over the past couple of years, the concern over climate change has grown stronger than ever.

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