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How to Ensure Energy Efficiency in Your Unit

Posted on: Aug 26 2016

This summer, skyrocketing temperatures are causing a large jump in energy usage across the country.

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Power to You: 3 Ways to Boost Your Energy

Posted on: Aug 24 2016

Power to You is a series by the team of bloggers at Think Energy focused on health and wellness topics designed to bring you more energy.

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Increasing Temperatures Are Increasing Electricity Demand

Posted on: Aug 23 2016

Summer is heating up. Quite literally.

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How Landscaping Can Lead to Lower Energy Bills

Posted on: Aug 22 2016

Not only can landscaping boost the curb appeal of your home – it can also make it more comfortable inside while lowering your monthly energy bill.

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Scammers Target Energy Company Customers

Posted on: Aug 17 2016

At Think Energy, we are dedicated to being honest. It’s behind everything we do, and that includes prepping you for all the challenges being an energy customer could bring.

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Eight Fall Energy Savings Tips

Posted on: Aug 15 2016

The cooler temperatures of fall are just around the corner, which means now is the time to start thinking about how you can prepare your home for energy savings during the cold season months.

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Think Energy at Your Next Meal: Five Power Greens That Should Be in Your Diet

Posted on: Aug 08 2016

Think Energy at Your Next Meal is a new series by our team of bloggers designed to bring you recipes and eating tips to energize your day.

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Small Home Improvement Projects That Could Lead to Big Energy Savings

Posted on: Jul 29 2016

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your heating and cooling system, or buying the latest and greatest, top-of-the-line ENERGY STAR appliance.

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How to Estimate Your Monthly Electricity Consumption

Posted on: Jul 28 2016

Almost everyone gets their monthly electric bill and wonders how in the world they used that much electricity.

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Gas Appliances Vs. Electric Appliances: Which Are Better for Your Energy Bills?

Posted on: Jul 22 2016

We all know that buying energy-efficient appliances, particularly those with an ENERGY STAR label, can go a long way toward shaving dollars off your monthly energy bills.

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