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Unexpected Discovery Has Potential to Address Greenhouse Gas Problem

Posted on: Jan 16 2017

With global temperatures skyrocketing over the past couple of years, the concern over climate change has grown stronger than ever.

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Costa Rica Makes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Usage a Reality

Posted on: Jan 03 2017

Could we someday live in a world that is run solely on renewable energy?

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The Race Between Clean Energy Innovation and Climate Change

Posted on: Dec 27 2016

Great things are happening in the energy world. Countries are agreeing to cut back on emissions, clean energy technology is advancing and renewable energy costs are dropping.

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The Backstory of Delayed and Canceled Energy Projects

Posted on: Dec 20 2016

With the Dakota Access Pipeline being highly publicized through protests and media coverage, many people are wondering what will come next for this project.

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Coal Power Consumption Decline Predicted to Continue

Posted on: Dec 13 2016

While there has been a recent uptick in speculation that coal power could see a resurgence, industry experts disagree. Think Energy gives the full story.

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Rising Distribution Charges Are No Match for Think Energy Customers

Posted on: Dec 07 2016

With state utility commissions raising distribution charges, many energy customers have been blindsided with surprise bills.

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Energy-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on: Nov 22 2016

Believe it or not, small businesses in the United States collectively spend a staggering $60 billion on energy each year.

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Tesla Energy Works Toward Sustainable Energy

Posted on: Nov 15 2016

Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors was simply focused on proving that electric cars could be better than gasoline-powered cars.

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10 Common Energy Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Posted on: Nov 03 2016

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Natural Gas Basics and Safety Tips

Posted on: Oct 31 2016

Natural gas, as a fuel and as a raw material, creates and powers many everyday products and utilities.

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